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99 Problems, maybe just 90

Sometimes you really don’t have 99 problems. Sometimes you really do only have 90 and you’re looking for the other 9. You’re so focused on things getting worse that you are heavily anticipating the 9 to come on around too.

It’s funny, but it’s true. I thought about this earlier today. I was thinking about a friend of mine, and said to myself, she acts like she has 99 problems, when she really only has 90. Then I realized, so do I. I don’t have to have nearly as many problems as I like to believe I do.

Being too tired for work is an issue, but it still is only one problem. Being single isn’t even an issue or problem, if it becomes one that is merely because I have allowed a societal influence to create a problem. Do I look forward to student loans? Ugh, absolutely not, but by no means is it more than one problem.

I really don’t have 99 problems, And the truth is, I probably never did anyway. I just wanted to believe I did. I wanted to believe I had so much on my plate that there was no way I could ever hold it steady. That’s crazy.

Yes, my plate gets heavy. Yes, I feel bogged down sometimes. It’s true that I would love to feel weightless and burden-free. So, why not feel that? Why not take care of these 90 things and leave those other 9 where they are?

It’s never too late to shed some unwanted weight. I can always tilt the scales in my favor. So, what exactly am I waiting for?

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