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2015 – Year of Patience

I must say that I believe I witnessed God in His patience more than ever in the year of 2015. I’m recapping my year or my complaints from what it seems. Dare I say my year of complaints. And it is very much to my shame. And as deserving as I surely was to be dead in those complaints, God gave me His patience. I complained. I moped. I discouraged. I blamed. I questioned. I sinned. Yet He gave. And He continues to. He gives me favor and He gave me favor.

And as grateful as I am for His patience towards me, I really don’t want to test the limits like this ever again. I don’t want to be like I was in 2015. I can’t be like that ever again in my life.

It’s going to take more than me saying I’m not going to be like that. I have to commit to making whatever changes are necessary. I have to fully commit this year, and you know what, it shouldn’t be that hard. Unfortunately, I set the bar so low, that it shouldn’t be hard to raise it this year. So with that being said, I’m getting a heavier bar and raising it higher. Let’s build some muscle.

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